Picturing the world for 75 years. Lodz Film School Anniversary

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Polish cinematography has been and continues to be created by graduates of Lodz Film School. Their names appear in the credits of Polish and international films and they are the ones lauded, awarded and honoured at festivals and competitions across the world. Lodz Film School comprises not just a building in Targowa street but also its genius loci – a collection of experiences, thoughts, emotions, ideas, dreams and creative struggles accompanied by fear and joy as well as successes and failures of people who have been part of the School for many years. We would like to summon this spirit on the occasion of the anniversary! We are celebrating, reminiscing, watching films, meeting people and continue to obsessively PICTURE THE WORLD. Come and join us to celebrate the 75th birthday of Lodz Film School!
  • A Short Walk (Spacer)

    dir. Jagoda Szelc

    The film was shot during a 40 min hectic interview in which the filmmakers are looking for a safe place to talk. Crossing the city they talk to a young man who fought for the pro-russian armed forces in the Dombass conflict. They learn a few simple facts about his life and how he become who he is.

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    film still A Short Walk
  • Day In, Day Out (Jak co dzień...)

    dir. Kazimierz Karabasz

    Rhythmic and indicative documentary that shows how every day 150 000 people hurry to work by public transport from their homes in the suburbs of Warsaw, Poland in the fifties.

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    film still Day In, Day Out
  • Family²

    dir. Yifan Sun

    Lola was adopted into a Belgian family eleven years ago when she was an infant. Over the years, she has been imagining the reunion with her birth family in China. This summer, her dream finally comes true. When Lola's two families finally meet for the first time, how will they spend the time together? What will Lola's birth parents tell her?

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    film still Family²
  • Fighting the Shadow (Walka z cieniem)

    dir. Nadiya Rodkina

    The political situation in Belarus forced Dima to flee the country. Fearing for his loved ones, he constantly maintains contact with those who had to stay there. Despite his various efforts to start a new life in Poland, he keeps fighting the shadow of his pas

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    film still Fighting the Shadow
  • The Office (Urząd)

    dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski

    The film made at the counter of the Social Insurance Company is a brilliant satire on bureaucracy and clerical heartlessnes.

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    film still The Office
  • Vakha and Magomed (Vakha i Magomed)

    dir. Marta Prus

    Subtle observation of an everyday life of two refugees from Chechnya living in Warsaw, Poland, 10-year-old Magomed and his father Vakha, which becomes a story about human's love and dignity.

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    film still Vakha and Magomed