Short Matters!

11 films
All these short documentaries, features and animations have received a passport to an international career. The selection includes the films nominated for the European Film Awards in 2022 by Europe’s most important festivals. The Krakow Film Festival belongs to this exclusive group and presents the best European short films from last year. One of them is 'Granny's Sexual Life' by Urška Djukić and Emilie Pigeard, which received the European Film Award in the short film category.
  • Affairs of the Art

    dir. Joanna Quinn

    In ‘Affairs of the Art’ everyone seems to be a freak of a kind. The narrator thinks she is the only normal person in her crazy family. Is that really true? The animation uses black humour to show, in an exaggerated way, our obsessions and persistent pursuit of our dreams.

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    film still Affairs of the Art
  • Cherries (Uogos)

    dir. Vytautas Katkus

    A recently retired father invites his son to help him with the cherry picking in the garden. The father is in no hurry to finish the cherry job though, as he tries to catch up with his son. The cherries remain in the background. EFA nominee at the Cannes Film Festival.

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    film still Cherries
  • Granny's Sexual Life (Babičino seksualno življenje)

    dir. Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard

    Four old women, reflect on their memories of old times when they were young and how different the relationships between men and women were back then. Their voices merge into one single voice, that of the grandmother Vera, who tells her story in proper detail. A trip into grandmother’s youth and the memories of her intimate life illustrate the status of Slovenian women in the first half of the 20th century.

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    film still Granny
  • Handbook (Handbuch)

    dir. Pavel Mozhar

    In the days following the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupt throughout the country. The special police, OMON, take particularly brutal action against demonstrators, which even spills over onto passers-by. In total, almost 7000 people are arrested throughout Belarus. Hundreds of victims recount their experiences in interviews. Their reports reveal a system of repression, which is reconstructed in detail in the director’s room in Berlin Neukölln in the form of a cinematic guide.

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    film still Handbook
  • Ice Merchants

    dir. João Gonzalez

    Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

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    film still Ice Merchants
  • Love, Dad (Milý tati)

    dir. Diana Cam Van Nguyen

    After 15 years, Diana finds the letters her father used to send her. Will she forgive him for leaving their family? The author uses a collage of old letters, archival films and photographs as well as children’s drawings and cut-outs to recreate the past.

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    film still Love, Dad
  • Memoir of a Veering Storm (Wspomnienie gwałtownej burzy)

    dir. Sofia Georgovassili

    It is a morning in September. A storm is about to break. A mother drives a girl to school in the morning and picks up a woman at the end of the school day. Anna, a fifteen-year-old girl sneaks out of school, and with the help of her boyfriend, they visit a hospital. There, she has to face an event that will jolt her into adulthood.

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    film still Memoir of a Veering Storm
  • Neighbour Abdi (Buurman Abdi)

    dir. Douwe Dijkstra

    How can you understand a violent past? Somali-born Abdi is furniture designer and support worker. He reenacts his life, marked by war and criminality, with the help of his neighbour and filmmaker Douwe. Through playful reconstructions in a special effects studio, Abdi and Douwe embark on a candid and investigative journey through a painful history, focusing on the creative process throughout.

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    film still Neighbour Abdi
  • Techno, Mama

    dir. Saulius Baradinskas

    Nikita loves to listen techno music and dreams to go to Berlin and visit the famous club “Berghain”. His mother Irena doesn’t know about his son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash.

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    film still Techno, Mama
  • The Sower of Stars (El sembrador de estrellas)

    dir. Lois Patiño

    Distant lights draw the city. Shining ships arrive with sleeping people and the night turns liquid. The stars’ sower wakes them up and they travel through the city, talking about this and that, while saying goodbye to everything.

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    film still The Sower of Stars
  • Will My Parents Come to See Me

    dir. Mo Harawe

    Somalia. A policewoman sits in her parked car. After a while, she gets out, puts on her service cap, and enters the prison. There, decisive hours have dawned for young Farah. Organizational machinery starts up around him. Farah is examined by a doctor, instructed by the bailiff, and looked after by an imam. Farah is waiting for his parents to visit. “How are you?” is the question everyone asks him that day. Each time, “Good” is his concise answer. Only when the policewoman takes Farah out of town the next morning does the unspeakable become a painful reality.

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    film still Will My Parents Come to See Me