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Photographs taken by an excellent documentarian, Andrzej Fidyk, make a part of the recently published album ‘An Odd End of the 20th Century’. The director took them on the set of his five films shot on different continents in the 1990s. The exhibition includes photographs of the work on the following documentaries: The Russian Striptease (1994), Carnaval- the Biggest Party in the World (1995), East of Eastenders (1997), Battu’s Bioscope (1998) and Reed Dance (1999).
  • Battu’s Bioscope (Kiniarze z Kalkuty)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk

    Mr. Battu, the film-loving owner of a travelling cinema, and his 80-year-old assistant Mama embark on another journey to show films in areas of India where there are no cinemas, no television, no electricity.

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    film still Battu’s Bioscope
  • Reed Dance (Taniec trzcin)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk

    Held in the Kingdom of Eswatini, the titular reed dance is an annual ceremony where tens of thousands of unmarried women come to dance in extremely skimpy outfits in front of the king in the hope that he will choose one of them as his next wife.

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    film still Reed Dance
  • The Russian Striptease (Rosyjski striptiz)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk

    The early 1990s. The Soviet Union collapsed, communism disappeared. All that millions of people in the Soviet Union believed in ceased to exist. People began to look for a new sense of life. Orthodox churches once again filled with believers, and a host of sorcerers, healers and fairies appeared. There was a veritable explosion of sex in Russian media and art.

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    film still The Russian Striptease