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  • Savoy

    dir. Zohar Wagner

    The film is a reconstruction of the attack on the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv carried out by Palestinian terrorists in 1975. Its authors have employed rich archival footage, media reports as well as professional and amateur audio materials to capture what happened in the most comprehensive way possible. The material includes notes taken by Kohava, the key figure who was also an incidental victim of the drama that shook the world.

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  • Set!

    dir. Scott Gawlik

    Have you ever wondered how far from the edge of the table, to a single millimetre, you should place a plate? The protagonists of ‘Set!’ are not interested in anything else – their greatest passion is setting tables, winning laurels and beating their competitors. After this documentary you will never look at your dishes the same way again

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  • The Interview

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    To conduct an interview, the protagonist needs just a microphone, sound recorder and an interlocutor. The latter is not easy at all because the people he approaches are busy with their own affairs. However, the charming man does not get discouraged and keeps wondering around the world with a smile on his face looking for someone who would like to talk to him.

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  • The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge)

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    A castaway stranded on a desert island does not admire paradisial landscapes. He does whatever he can to escape from it at the first opportunity. His perspective, however, changes when he meets a red turtle. This poetic story which won an Oscar nomination is an invitation to meditation on beauty, nature and the consecutive stages of human life.

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  • Tom Sweep

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    Gags straight out of a slapstick comedy, bright and vivid colours as well as a happy tune turn this animation into a satire on society that has no respect for human work or the environment.

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    film still Tom Sweep