Experimental films

4 films
  • Solaris Mon Amour

    dir. Kuba Mikurda

    An extraordinary found footage documentary inspired by Stanisław Lem’s „Solaris”. A trance-like, personal story about loss, mourning & memory. The film consists of excerpts from 70 educational films and radio adaptations of „Solaris” from the 1960s.

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    film still Solaris Mon Amour
  • Square the Circle (Ympyrän neliöimisestä)

    dir. Hanna Hovitie

    It symbolises eternity and infinity, entirety and perfection. At the same time, there is no perfect circle, although the possibilities it offers can make your head spin and your mind fear. In her ‘round’ film, the director confronts unlimited quantifiers with an aim to tame what is uncertain and in fact impossible to grasp.

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    film still Square the Circle
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  • The Aroma of Tea

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    What purpose can you use tea leaves for? To paint an experimental animation where the protagonist is a little dot moving through winding tunnels and corridors. The rhythmical movement of the dot combined with baroque music creates a hypnotic film experience.

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    film still The Aroma of Tea
  • The Natural History of Destruction

    dir. Sergei Loznitsa

    European cities as seen from the boards of aircraft during carpet-bombing made a stunningly beautiful picture which was horrifying in a primeval manner. These images of hell, like never before, were planned by the engineers of war with scientific precision. To create the choreography of destruction, they employed the instruments of mathematics and physics.

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    film still The Natural History of Destruction