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  • Ambulance (Ambulans)

    dir. Janusz Morgenstern

    Janusz Morgenstern's short film touches on a rarely addressed and tabooed theme from World War II - the extermination of Jewish children.

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  • Amy

    dir. Asif Kapadia
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  • Bard

    dir. Katarzyna Kościelak

    How well, if at all, did we know Jacek Kaczmarski, an outstanding Polish poet and singer? The documentary makes an attempt to draw a complex, multi-dimensional portrait of a singer-songwriter which reveals a tragic figure torn between the passion of creation, perfectionism and his own weaknesses. It also tries to confront the myth of the bard of the Solidarity movement, the moniker that tired the charismatic author of ‘Walls’, a protest song, and became a reason for later alienation.

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  • Bgirl Badli

    dir. Charlotte De Cort

    Dancing is everything for her. At the young age of 14, Mali leaves her family home and moves to a bigger city to live with her older sister and be closer to her dream school. The teenage girl is ready to make sacrifices but her body does not always want to follow her dreams.

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  • Cobain: Montage of Heck (Kurt Cobain: Życie bez cenzury)

    dir. Brett Morgen

    On 5 April 1994 the leader of Nirvana joined the ‘27 Club’, i.e. the group of rock artists who lived too fast and died too young. The film directors, who first reached mementoes left by Cobain, try to confront his dark legend. The executive producer is the musician’s daughter who was just 18 months old when her father committed suicide. The film was also approved by the widow after the artist, Courtney Love, who has been hostile to this kind of projects so far.

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    Awards:Golden Heynal
  • Cosmogonic (Kosmogonik)

    dir. Paweł Szarzyński

    Watch VR from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. "Cosmogonic" is the first VR experience inspired by the Polish science-fiction writer Stanisław Lem—known for investigating humanity and social justice through visions of faraway planets and mechanical beings.

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  • Dead City (Umarłe miasto)

    dir. Krzysztof Grudziński

    Watch VR from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. "Dead City" is a narrative experience with elements of singing, contemporary and operatic music, based on the eponymous poetic libretto by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

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  • Dziwny świat kota Filemona

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    film still Dziwny świat kota Filemona
  • Hug Me. The Honey Seekers (Przytul mnie. Poszukiwacze miodu)

    dir. Anna Błaszczyk

    There was a tragedy in the forest. The entire stock of honey is gone. Without this sticky delicacy no dream birthday cake can be made. Little Bear decides to go with his dad to Golden Land to search for the irreplaceable golden ingredient. Their expedition turns out to be an incredible adventure.

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    film still Hug Me. The Honey Seekers
  • Image liberation! Remu Cemetery (Cmentarz Remu)

    dir. Edward Etler

    A semi-documentary impression of the historic interiors of the Remu Synagogue in Krakow and the surrounding cemetery.

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    film still Image liberation! Remu Cemetery
  • Imperial (Impériale)

    dir. Coline Confort

    Eva is passionate about history and dreams about taking part in an enormous and prestigious historical reconstruction. Unfortunately, to join the Napoleonic army she needs to be a man. The girl decides to outsmart 200-year-old rules and regulations and join the army doubly dressed up – as a male soldier.

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  • Katarynka

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  • Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

    dir. Lian Lunson

    he recording of the concert “Came So Far for Beauty” held in Sydney in 2005 becomes a pretext to tell the story of the artist’s life. Cohen’s portrayal is made of his remarks about his career, work or women as well as the moments when music speaks for him.

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  • Meir Ezofowicz

    dir. Józef Ostoja-Sulnicki

    Two influential Jewish families: The Ezofovichs, famous for their modern views advocating the assimilation of Jews, and the Todros, Karaites preaching a return to the teachings of the Bible live in the same town.

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  • My Brother Chases Dinosaurs (Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri)

    dir. Stefano Cipani

    Gio is a new-born baby who joins Jack and his sisters. His birth turns the family’s life upside down as the boy has Down syndrome. Initially, Jack is delighted with his brother’s uniqueness and sees him as a superhero, but this attitude changes with time.

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  • Nightsss (Noccc)

    dir. Weronika Lewandowska, Sandra Frydrysiak

    Watch VR from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. VR “Nightsss” is an virtual erotic poem – an artistic animation with ASMR and interactive elements that immerses the viewer in the sensual experience of poetry, dance and nature.

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  • Nocturna

    dir. Víctor Maldonado, Adrià Garcia

    In eponymous Nocturna, there is an old orphanage. A little boy lives in it. Tim is terrified of darkness. At night, he is protected from it by the light of the stars. One day Tim notices that his favourite star is gone. What is worse, more of his night companions soon begin to disappear. The boy decides to find out what is going on.

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  • Nowe przygody Misia Uszatka

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    film still Nowe przygody Misia Uszatka
  • Oasis

    dir. Justine Martin

    Raphaël and Rémi have been inseparable so far. As twins, they have spent together every moment at home, school or in their free time. This is the last carefree holiday of the brothers. One of them is likely to leave and the other one will stay at home because of his disability.

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  • Once Upon a Vilnius (Čia buvo Vilnius)

    dir. Eitvydas Doškus

    To the surprise of village residents, a stone figure of Virgin Mary suddenly starts moving, leaves the chapel and walks ahead. Soon, it is joined by other animated statues. Such miracles do happen and a boneless little girl is the most fascinated by them.

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    film still Once Upon a Vilnius
  • One In a Million

    dir. Joya Thome

    Whitney from the US and Yara from Germany are divided by an ocean but connected by the Internet and their passion for gymnastics. The former develops her sporting career combining it with her presence in the social media and singing, while the latter is her fan and, above all, a regular teenager looking for her own path in life.

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  • Przygody Gapiszona

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    film still Przygody Gapiszona
  • The Choice

    dir. Joanna Popińska

    Watch VR from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The Choice is a virtual reality experience (VR) that lets us see from a different perspective the emotional and complex nature behind one woman’s choice. Meet Kristen, a young Indigenous woman from Austin, TX, who dreams of raising a family but instead finds herself facing a dehumanizing system working against her survival.

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  • Time Passes Through the City (Laikas eina per miestą)

    dir. Almantas Grikevičius

    The director attempted to delve into the old walls of Vilnius, capturing the history of the city and resurrecting its phantoms. This is the only poetic documentary film from the Soviet era where Vilnius serves as the main character.

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    film still Time Passes Through the City
  • Whitney

    dir. Kevin Macdonald

    Directed by the Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald ('The Last King of Scotland', 'Waiting for Joe'), this moving documentary is dedicated to the memory of pop and R&B legend Whitney Houston. "A gripping" (The Guardian), yet intimate and strikingly honest cinematic portrait, offering a unique insight into the life, dizzying career and slow decline, of a star gifted with unparalleled talent. Filled with the memories of the artist's loved ones, previously unreleased films and music that has already achieved the status of immortality.

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  • Zaczarowany Ołówek

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    film still Zaczarowany Ołówek