Samsung Excellence Line

4 films
A unique screenings of four festival films with remarkable visual elements. The Potocki Palace turns into a home cinema for a select group recruited in special contests. The films showcased in this section will also compete against each other. The best image quality presented on the big screen of Samsung Neo QLED 8K exclusive line of innovative smart TVs will be honoured with the first prize.
  • Air (Aire)

    dir. Ricardo Íscar

    For the protagonist, breathing therapy and anti-stress techniques become a starting point for a life change. He enters the world of freediving, i.e. diving while breadth-holding. Risking his life, he starts practicing holding his breath for increasingly longer periods of time. Where is the boundary of his capabilities?

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    film still Air
  • Dreaming Arizona

    dir. Jon Bang Carlsen

    ‘A documentary fantasy played out by real people,’ – is how the director described his film bordering on observation and creation, cinema and theatre. The protagonists are five secondary school students from a town in Arizona and the main theme involves feelings, traumas and dreams of these young people.

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    film still Dreaming Arizona
      Online edition of the 63rd KFF
    • VOD
      From 2 to 18.06KFF VOD
  • Onlookers

    dir. Kimi Takesue

    Onlookers offers a visually striking, immersive meditation on travel and tourism in Laos, reflecting on how we all live as observers. Traversing the country's dusty roads and tranquil rivers, we watch as elaborate painterly tableaus unfold, revealing the whimsical and at times disruptive interweaving of locals and foreigners in rest and play. Onlookers invites audiences to reflect on their own modes of tourism, while asking the looming existential questions: Why do we travel? What do we seek?

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    film still Onlookers
  • Songs of Earth

    dir. Margreth Olin

    Many years go the director left her family home. Today, she returns to the mountainous region of Western Norway with a camera, walking in the footsteps of her parents and ancestors in order to answer the question: where do I come from? Her family story is transformed into a breadth-taking poem, both visual and auditory.

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    film still Songs of Earth