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Sports life - a road filled with sacrifices, superhuman effort and struggle with your own weaknesses.
  • Air (Aire)

    dir. Ricardo Íscar

    For the protagonist, breathing therapy and anti-stress techniques become a starting point for a life change. He enters the world of freediving, i.e. diving while breadth-holding. Risking his life, he starts practicing holding his breath for increasingly longer periods of time. Where is the boundary of his capabilities?

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    film still Air
  • Early Apex (Wiraż)

    dir. Paweł Hejbudzki

    The world of kid karting is fascinating and at the same time raises many questions. This little-known extreme sport is governed by the same rules as competitions for adults – what matters is rivalry, a place on the podium and regular training. Not all children are ready for such a sacrifice.

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    film still Early Apex
    Awards:Special Mention / Special Award
  • No Elephant in the Room (Globus)

    dir. Clara Kleininger-Wanik

    When a new law banning circus shows featuring animals enters into force, Adi and Mioara, animal trainers in a Bucharest circus, must come up with an idea of how to make their shows more attractive so that they do not lose their audience. A world-famous circus director arrives at Romania from as far as Las Vegas in order to help.

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    film still No Elephant in the Room
    Awards:Special Mention