National Competition, Short Film Competition

Sunday, May 31 14:00 / Online room 2 /

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National Competition, Short Film Competition

List of films

  • Plantarium

    dir. Tomek DuckiPoland, Hungary2020animated7'

    A secret garden hidden under the ground is managed by a lonely gardener. The place is bleak, suffocating and disturbing, yet magical. One day, a little boy with dangerous nails grows out of a pot instead of a plant...

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  • Alice and the Frog

    dir. Olga BołądźPoland2020fiction28'

    A difficult topic and stirring powerful emotions – abortion – set against a surprising background. A story of accelerated growing up which is abruptly imposed on the main protagonist against her will. The teenager appears in the very centre of the fantasy, which is both beautiful and scary. Yet the decision cannot be postponed for ever and she is surrounded by a multitude of advisers.

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  • I Need the Handshakes

    dir. Andrej KuciłaPoland2020documentary19'

    A small hamlet lost in the endless Belarusian province. Walentyna, who is 92 years old, lives in a little cottage off the beaten track where she takes care of her daughter who was born paralysed. A frightfully beautiful film about limitless sacrifice, great power of imagination and poetry which can replace reality.

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  • Problem

    dir. Tomasz WolskiPoland2020fiction15'

    A single film shot and a single event that shakes up the everyday routine of people sharing the same backyard. Everyone is in a hurry, but an unconscious man is lying on the pavement – and he is the eponymous 'problem'. A short gripping fiction film revealing the director's documentary experience and realistic angle.

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  • backstage.episodes

    dir. Marcin WojciechowskiPoland2020animated11'

    How to create new pieces if "scattered sounds revolve around the room and words take no shape"? The animation by Marcin Wojciechowski is not only a story inspired by the life of Ian Curtis, Joy Division's lead singer, but first and foremost - a universal story of a man who cannot handle the reality.

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  • Dad You've Never Had

    dir. Dominika ŁapkaPoland2020documentary29'

    Dominika visits her father, whom she has not seen for many years and knows only from letters. These few days that they will spend together in his flat will not be enough to change anything in their uneasy relationship. The conversations will be difficult and full of emotions. Will the daughter finally manage to ask the most important question?

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Sunday, May 31 14:00 / Online room 2 / 109'