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List of films

  • Carlotta's Face

    dir. Valentin Riedl, Frédéric SchuldGermany2019animated5'

    Valentin Riedl is a neuroscientist and a physician. Frédéric Schuld is an artist and an animator. Together, they show the internal world of a woman suffering from prosopagnosia, a perception disorder characterised by the inability to recognize faces.

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  • Almost Human

    dir. Jeppe RøndeDenmark, United Kingdom2020documentary47'

    A poignant cross-genre picture focused on questions about the nature of the relationship between man and technology. Have we already created a new Frankenstein? If yes, will he destroy us? Or maybe he will love us? Jeppe Rønde does not give us any ready-made interpretations. He assumes that asking questions is the most interesting.

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  • Fat Kathy

    dir. Julia PełkaPoland2019documentary14'

    The relationship that Varsovians have with clams is similar to the one that once joined canaries and miners. Eight completely inconspicuous molluscs bear the responsibility for the health or even lives of hundreds of thousands of the city residents. Julia Pelka, describes not only the complexities of the capital’s water supply system.

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Wednesday, June 3 20:00 / Online room 4 / 66'