Screening of awarded films

Sunday, June 4 12:00 / MOS 1 / 100

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Screening of awarded films

List of films

  • Be Somebody

    dir. Michał ToczekPoland2023fiction26'

    Together with his family, Wiktor moves into a recently bought flat, which turns out to have belonged to Lech Wałęsa, an ordinary electrician who became Poland’s president many years ago. When his wife learns about it, she comes up with a crazy idea. Suspended between a drama and a comedy, this perverse story shows what it means to ‘be someone’ or just yourself.

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  • Basia: Three Short Stories

    dir. Mateusz PietrakPoland2023documentary30'

    ‘I have decided to die this year,’ - jokes Basia, who does not look like someone who turned 80. She fulfils herself in her role of a grandmother, mother and sister as well as on stage. The camera captures her preparations to the performance of her life.

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  • Who Will Clean Your Windows?

    dir. Dariusz JaniczakPoland2022documentary47'

    Darek is 24 and after 10 years of education at a school for students with intellectual disabilities he needs to confront himself with adulthood. At a film workshop, he receives a camera that will enable him to tell the story of the final weeks at his favourite place from his own perspective.

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Sunday, June 4 12:00 / MOS 1 / 100'