Péter Forgács Retrospective

Wednesday, June 3 18:00 / Online room 3 /

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Péter Forgács Retrospective

List of films

  • Wittgenstein Tractatus

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1992documentary32'

    An experimental film essay based on "The Logical Philosophical Treatise" by Wittgenstein. Juxtaposing archival, black and white photos from the early 1900s with oral and written quotes, Forgács illustrates the key concepts for the Viennese philosopher, such as logic, language and reality.

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  • Free Fall – Private Hungary 10

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1996documentary75'

    The chronicle of announced death – the story of the Holocaust of Hungarian Jews told using unique archival family materials. The everyday life of the well-off Petö family is thoroughly documented by an amateur filmmaker from Szeged who registered the first years of the war, still carefree, and the consecutive stages of persecution until the tragic summer of 1944.

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Wednesday, June 3 18:00 / Online room 3 / 107'