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National Competition

Saturday, June 5 14:00 / Online 1 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • A Little Bit of Paradise

    dir. Andrzej CichockiPoland2020documentary19'

    The family shown in the film inhabits their own microcosm. Even though the smokestacks of an agglomeration loom on the horizon, the family’s life follows a separate course, without any unnecessary words. It is determined, on the one hand, by modest financial means, on the other –the joy of freedom.

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  • Headfish

    dir. Jakub PrysakPoland2021fiction24'

    Immersed in an industrial landscape, the film is a harsh story about two loners. The protagonists want to get out of the world that is stifling them. Eryk works at the Milky Paradise cooperative, while Marissa is a prostitute at a crummy night club. What separates them from a different life is a ticket to the unknown, but to get it, they need more than money.

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  • One More Day

    dir. Monika MeleńPoland2020documentary50'

    Małgorzata and Krystian are an exceptional couple. She was born with progressive muscular atrophy, and he loves riding a motorcycle. But who says they cannot fulfil their dreams? Together with the protagonists, the spectators are setting off to search for adventure but also to face the inevitable and the final.

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Saturday, June 5 14:00 / Online 1 / 93'