The Years

Italy, France | 2018 | documentary | 20 min. Short matters!

A woman gives voice to Annie Ernaux The years's text, a few collected fragments on the shores of a timeless Sardinia. Neither the words, nor the images, drawn from the family films, are expected to complete the narration of her story: places from her past. The mountains on the cost, a seascape, gardens, terraces, rooms of an apartment emerge like reflections of a fragmented and ever-changing memory, uncovered by a new light. The details in each gesture, in each face, of scenes of a life lived amongst family, reassembled and freed from their original context, become expressive elements of a confession that is both personal discovery and collective narration. EFA Nomination – Venice Film Festival

directed by

Sara Fgaier

Director and Film editor. Sara was the first Italian to receive the Rolex Arts Prize for Film in 2012-2013 and she worked under the mentorship of Walter Murch in New York. She directed several short films and founded Avventurosa, an independent film production company, with Pietro Marcello, with whom she has worked over 10 years as film editor, researcher and producer. She also collaborated among others with A. Sokurov, F. Maresco and G. Rosi.

Sara Fgaier
Sara Fgaier
Riccardo Spagnol
Davide Minott, Sara Fgaier
(Dugong Films), Sara Fgaier