Fly Rocket Fly

Germany, Belgium | 2018 | documentary | 91 min. Docs+Science

New Adventure Cinema, a political thriller and a farce in one, the film presents a forgotten episode of the German space quest whose spiritus movens was Lutz T. Kayser, an eminent engineer, a bold businessman who would make Elon Musk pale and the protagonist with a dream as great as the one portrayed by Werner Herzog in “Fitzcarraldo”. Excellently illustrated with archival materials, this story of the first private space company in the world involves genius, bratwurst, African caciques and the Congolese heart of darkness.

directed by

Oliver Schwehm

Hermann Sowieja
Lutz Kayser, Frank Wuksch, Victor Löbermann, James Oberg, François Heisbourg
Heiko Maile
Joschi Kaufmann, Helmar Jungmann
Helmar Jungmann
Markus Hilss (Lunabeach TV und Media)