Like Them

The Netherlands | 2018 | documentary | 30 min. Short film competition

The residents of a small Frisian town are kind-hearted people. They accepted a family of Syrian immigrants with open arms. Although they ensured decent life conditions for them, the newcomers were not able to find their own place in the small community and left it after a year. But not every member of the family made the decision to leave. Teenage brothers, Mohammed and Ahmad, decided to stay. The boys made friends with their peers, found their own place at school and learnt the language. They understand that they will not go back to ruined Aleppo and plan their future in the new homeland.

directed by

Pau Ortiz

Documentary director and editor, born in Barcelona (1982). He specialized in documentary at the film school of 3Catalonia (ESCAC). Then he won a scholarship for the Quebec Film School. His television series "Tu mateix" was selected during INPUT 2011, his film "13 maneras de quedarse solo" won prizes at the International Festival WorldFest in Houston and "Al otro lado del muro" won in the Best international feature film at HotDocs Film Festival in 2017. "Latituds" won at DOCSBARCELONA 2017 and also received a special mention during the Malaga Film Festival 2017.

Hans Bouma, Pau Ortiz
Tess van der Velde
Murk-jaep van der Schaaf
Janneke Doolaard (DOXY)