France, USA | 2018 | fiction | 14 min. Short film competition

Full of suspense, this adaptation of a short story by Lydia Fitzpatrick (“Lights All Night Long”), a respectable author from across the ocean, is a tale about responsibility, courage, faith and hope in a crisis situation, almost hopeless, which takes into account a child’s perspective. It turns out that Gus Van Sant did not exhaust the topic of school shootings with his 2003 film “Elephant” and today it is more topical than two decades ago. A group of primary school students finish their PE class. Suddenly, they can hear the sound of shooting. We are in America and these are not military exercises. The teacher must protect children from danger at all costs. Not much time or possibilities are available. The killer may soon appear in the doorway.

directed by

Fabrice Joubert

An award-winning French film writer and director who comes from the animation world. He grew up in Paris where he graduated from the Gobelins Animation School after majoring in film studies at the Sorbonne University. He started his career in Los Angeles as an animator and storyboard artist before going into writing and directing films. He was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for his short film "French Roast". He’s currently directing commercials and "Safety" is his first endeavour in live action.

Pavel Brenner
Fabrice Joubert
Mathieu Alvado
Lisa Shaw Phillips
Samuel François-Steininger Festival guest (Composite Films), Fabrice Joubert (Easter Moon Films)
Film screenings:
Friday, May 31 17:30 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
producer Samuel François-Steininger