Ticket to the Moon

Germany, Czech Republic | 2019 | documentary | 68 min. Docs+Science

Fifty years ago, during the Cold War and the nuclear arms race, the only way to escape from the world divided by the Iron Curtain seemed to be a space flight. When Pan American World Airways opened a waiting list for the first commercial flight to the moon, thousands of people signed up for it, both from the West and the East. The group included the film director’s grandfather, a would-be traveller to the land of apolitical utopia and the protagonist of this warm Czech ballad about unfulfilled dreams about the moon.

directed by

Veronika Janatková Festival guest

A film producer, director, and cultural programmer. In the last decade, she has been active mainly in the field of documentary films, focusing on social-political driven narratives. Her work includes topics dealing with the global supply chain in the textile industry, the dynamics of North-South divide, current feminist movements in Rwanda or the political realities of the post-Soviet Caucasus region. She co-founded and has been programming the DokuBaku, the first independent documentary film festival in Baku, Azerbaijan. "Ticket to the Moon" is her directing debut.

Piotr Rosołowski, Dirk Luetter, Armande Chollat-Namy
Veronika Janatková, Till Steinmetz
animated by
Petra Lapvetelainen
Audun Nedrelid
Jorge Sánchez Calderón
Stefan Kloos (Kloos & Co. Medien), Veronika Janatková (Pandistan)
Film screenings:
Monday, May 27 19:30 | Paradox + meeting with creators:
director Veronika Janatková
Ticket to the Moon