On Strike!

Poland | 2019 | fiction | 26 min. National competition

History is not a closed chapter. Next generations have to come to terms with its consequences. Taking care of his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s Karol discovers a family secret related to the dramatic events of December 1970. Demons of the past force the boy to make the most difficult decision in his young life. Stanisław Horodecki, a director and scriptwriter, invited outstanding Polish actors: Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak, Witold Dębicki and Jan Peszek to take part in his debut. Jędrzej Wielecki plays the part of Karol. The film utilises archival materials and has a very interesting score.

directed by

Stanisław Horodecki Festival guest

Bolesław Kielak
Stanisław Horodecki
Jędrzej Wielecki Festival guest, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak, Witold Dębicki, Jan Peszek Festival guest
Siekiera , Marek Grechuta
Piotr Pastuszak
Stanisław Frankowski, Irena Siedlar
Leszek Kopeć, Jerzy Rados (Gdyńska Szkoła Filmowa)
Film screenings:
Wednesday, May 29 18:30 | Kino Pod Baranami Red Room + meeting with creators:
director Stanisław Horodecki
actor Jędrzej Wielecki
actor Jan Peszek
On Strike!