Crossfire Hurricane

USA | 2012 | documentary | 111 min. Special screeninig

directed by

Brett Morgen Festival guest

Director, screenwriter and producer who has also been dubbed the ‘mad scientist’ of the documentary film. In 1992 he earned his BA in Mythology and US History from Hampshire College and in 1999 – MFA in Film from New York University. His graduation film On the Ropes (1999) obtained an Oscar nomination in 2000. His consecutive pictures, including The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002), Chicago 10 (2007) and Crossfire Hurricane (2012), have been screened and awarded internationally. He produces television series and programmes (e.g. Nimrod Nation) as well as advertisements.

Brett Morgen
Stuart Levy, Conor O'Neill
Film screenings:
Wednesday, May 29 19:00 | Kijów.Centrum + meeting with creators:
director Brett Morgen
Crossfire Hurricane