Documentary competition - selected films

3rd April, 2012

Life In Stills

Life In Stills

The selection of films for the International Documentary Competition at the 52nd Krakow Film Festival included submissions of mid-length (30-60mins) and full-length (above 60mins) films that have not so far been screened in Poland.

The films which have been selected are foreign findings from international festivals and film fair video collections as well as results of meticulous selection from 2475 submissions, 603 of which are documentaries competing to take part in the competition.

The presence of cinematography of several countries like Israel, Sweden, Russia, France and Great Britain maintains their stable, unquestionable level. Poland takes pride to be in this group, and has been celebrating successes in international competitions for years. There are three world premieres of three well known film makers, actually four because one has been working in Sweden for years – says Krzysztof Gierat, the festival director, who has been supervising the work of the Selection Committee.

We have chosen films which are diverse, sad and happy, nostalgic and iconoclastic, which take up subjects such as faith, principles, love and sex. The ultimate matters often involve the closest family, therefore – according to the tradition of the festival – there is a large group of “family inner life pictures”, which reflect how surprisingly little we know about our family – says the festival director.

Below you can see the top 20 films which will be competing for the Golden Horn this year:

Feature-length documentaries:

  1. Motherland or Death, dir. Vitalij Mansky, Russia, 99’
  2. The Flat, dir. Arnon Goldfinger, Israel, 97’
  3. Six Milion and One, dir. David Fisher, Israel, 93’
  4. Women with Cows, dir. Peter Gerdehag, Sweden, 93
  5. The Will, dir. Christian Sønderby Jepsen, Denmark, 90’
  6. The Virgin, the Copts and Me, dir. Namir Abdel Messeeh, France/Quatar/Egypt, 85’
  7. Solar Eclipse, dir. Martin Marecek, Czech Republic, 81’
  8. Wiera Gran, dir. Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, Poland, 65’
  9. The Betrayal, dir. Karen Winther, Norway/United Kingdom,64’
  10. Radioman, dir. Mary Kerr, United Kingdom, 2012, 75’

Middle-length documentaries:

  1. Life In Stills, dir. Tamar Tal, Israel, 58’
  2. 2/47, dir. Arash Lahooti, Iran, 42’
  3. Girl with a Parrot, dir. Jerzy Śladkowski, Sweden, 50’
  4. Summer Growing Up, dir. Blaise Harrison, France, 50’
  5. Riding for Jesus, dir. Sabrina Varani, Italy, 55’
  6. This Man is a Multi-Layered Cake, dir. Patricia Mortagne, France, 55’
  7. On the Way Home, dir. Sergey Kachkin, Russia, 56’
  8. The Kid and the Clown, dir. Ida Grøn, Denmark, 53’
  9. Dad Went Fishing, dir. Grzegorz Pacek, Poland, 51’
  10. Entangled, dir. Lidia Duda, Poland, 50’


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