Short films competition - the results of the selection

17th April, 2014

"Minerita" reż. Raul De la Fuente

Following the selection for the music and documentary competitions, we would like to announce the list of films selected for the short film competition.  39 films will compete for the Golden Dragon.The short film competition is the most diverse competition of Krakow Film Festival. Three genres are mixed in it - documentary, animation and feature film, and the films come from various parts of the world.

Among short films, there is a significant amount of Latin American films, which are close to nature and concentrate on fundamental issues, such as birth, life and death. There are such films as the warm, poetic film "The Big Home" about a delivery room in Cuba; a story about Brazilian "Saint Francis" - Matias and his small animal farm, or noble, simple cinema about the life of parents after tragic death of their child ("A Paradise"). On the other side of the ocean, the dominant motif is great history seen through the eyes of its ordinary participants. The camera records the problems of migration in many dimensions, beginning with the escape from Holocaust ("Broken Branches"), to dreams about a better world ("Castles in Spain" and "Two at the Border"). Alex Lora Cercos, the winner of the Golden Dragon in 2012 for "Odysseus' Gambit" has two films in the competition: African documentary miniature ("Hole in the Sky") and a shocking feature film about alienation ("Only Solomon Lee" ).
The feature film competition will be exotic. This year's films are unconventional, sometimes drastic, even if they analyse banality of everyday life, such as the Korean "The Housewife" about being bored by the family life, or the Colombian "Lux Aeterna" about love that lasts until the day of death. The European cinema does not escape the eschatological issues. Just like last year, British cinema is strongly represented in the category of short feature films, in which Academy Award stars appear, such as Sally Hawkins in suspenseful conversation with a potential suicide ("The Phone Call").
This year's animations are gems, both in the miniature philosophical essays ("Snow Hut"), as well as in beautiful feature film stories ("Man Meets Woman"), they face issues seemingly reserved for feature and documentary film, such as Holocaust from the point of view of a dog ("Brut") or they are made within the formula of genre cinema (the horror "The Present" ).  
Poland will be represented in the short competition by the documentary "W. Sisters' Beauty Salon" by Jakub Stożek, the winner of the Golden Dragon in 2010; the feature film based on a true story: "You Keep An Eye On Us" and by a particularly strong team of animated film makers, headed by Piotr Dumała and Jerzy Kucia, the winner of the Dragon of Dragons in 2010 ("Hippos", "Fugue for Cello, Trumpet and Landscape")
 The list of films qualified for the short competition:
1.     Two at the Border, dir. Felicitas Sonvilla, Tuna Kaptan, 2013, Germany, 30 min
2.     Positive, dir. Polina Kelm, 2013, Ukraine, 29 min
3.     Mom, dir. Lidia Sheinin, 2013, Russia, 28 min 
4.     Minerita, dir. Raul De la Fuente, 2013, Spain, 27 min
5.     On The Spot: Gaza, dir. Eszter Borbala Cseke, Andras S. Takacs, 2013, Hungary, 27 min
6.     Castles in Spain, dir. Pauline Horovitz, 2013, France, 26 min 
7.     Matias, dir. Ricardo Martensen, Felipe Tomazelli, 2014, Brazil, 26 min
8.     Broken Branches, dir. Ayala Sharot, 2014, Israel, 25 min
9.     Vegas, dir. Łukasz Konopa, 2013, UK, 24 min 
10. The Big House, dir. Juliette Touin, 2013, Cuba, 24 min
11. A Paradise, dir. Jayisha Patel, 2013, Cuba, UK, 14 min
12. A Hole in The Sky, dir. Alex Lora Cercos, Antonio Tibaldi, 2013, Spain, 10 min 
13. W. Sisters' Beauty Salon, dir. Jakub Stożek, 2013, Poland, 30 min                   
1.  The Way of All Flesh, dir. Deben Van Dam, 2013, Belgium, 26 min
2.  The Housewife, dir. Jayil Pak, 2014, South Korea, 19 min
3.   Shadow, dir. Lorenzo Recio, 2013, France, 23 min
4.   SLR, dir. Stephen Fingleton, 2013, UK, Ireland, 22 min
5.   The Phone Call, dir. Mat Kirkby, 2013, UK, 21 min
6.   In the Name of Honor, dir. Nathalie Leclercq, 2013, Belgium, 20 min
7.   Only Solomon Lee, dir. Alex Lora Cercos, 2013, Spain, USA, 15 min
8.   Close, dir. Geoffrey Taylor, 2013, UK, 15 min
9.   Grand Canal, dir. Johnny Ma, 2013, China, 19 min
10. Lux Aeterna, dir. Carlos Tribiño Mamby, 2013, Colombia 16 min
11. You Keep An Eye On Us, dir. Arek Biedrzycki, 2014, Poland, 25 min   
1. Hair, dir. Delphine Hermans, 2013, Belgium, 8 min
2. From the Earth and Ink, dir. Jonathan Laskar, 2013, Switzerland, 5 min
3. Through the Hawthorn, dir. Anna Benner, Pia Borg, Gemma Burditt, 2013, UK, 8 min
4. The Present, dir. Joe Hsieh, 2013, Taiwan, 15 min
5. Impostor, dir. Elie Chapuis, 2013, Switzerland, France, 7 min
6. Confusion Through Sand, dir. Danny Madden, 2013, USA, 12 min
7. The Obvious Child, dir. Stephen Irwin, 2013, UK, 12 min
8. Man Meets Woman, dir. Dmitry Geller, 2014, Russia, 17 min
9. Brut, dir. Svetlana Filippova, 2014, Russia, 13 min
10. Snow Hut, dir. Yoriko Mizushiri, 2013, Japan, 5 min
11. Baths, dir. Tomek Ducki, 2013, Poland, 4 min
12. Summer 2014, dir. Wojciech Sobczyk, 2014, Poland, 12 min
13. Hippos, dir. Piotr Dumała, 2014, Poland, 12 min
14. Fugue for Cello, Trumpet and Landscape, dir. Jerzy Kucia, 2014, Poland, 18 min
15. Pest, dir. Young-hyun Yoo, O-rom Park, 2013, Korea, 5 min.
The list of films qualified for the Polish competition will be announced tomorrow.  



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