Release the Dogs

France, Belgium | 2017 | fiction | 20 min. Short matters!

Anouck has found herself in a toxic triangle, torn between the two men who are at each other’s throats. She loves them and they do not want to live without her. Living with a partner and a younger brother under the same roof is no longer possible. Anouck has to take some drastic measures. In this outstanding directorial debut of screenwriter Emmanuelle Fleytoux, with excellent acting and photographs, energy is pouring out of the screen. You have to see the film to find out what may sometimes reconcile a family. EFA Nomination - Krakow Film Festival.

directed by

Emmanuelle Fleytoux

Director and screenwriter. She was a student of Duperré, an artistic school in Paris, and then the Audiovisual School (ESAV) in Touluse. "Release the Dogs" is her professional directorial debut. At present, she is working on her next short film.

Florian Berutti
Emmanuelle Fleytoux
Xavier Tabard, Jules Ribis
Adrien Pagotto
Jeremy Forni (Chevaldeuxtrois)