Maksymiuk. Concerto for Two

Poland | 2018 | documentary | 75 min. Sound of music

With his genius, diligence and inexhaustible temperament, Jerzy Maksymiuk is one of the most charismatic personalities of Polish music of the last decades. But the film portrait of this conductor, pianist and composer would be incomplete without his wife Ewa, who has always organised his everyday activities, supported the maestro emotionally and inspired him to continue his work.

directed by

Tomasz Drozdowicz

Director, producer, author of music videos and co-author of television programmes. He is a graduate of Film Directing at the Faculty of Film and Television of the University of Silesia in Katowice. His documentary films include "Nazukos czyli z biegiem Sprząśli" (1994), "Dom wielki jak zamek" (1996), "Zniewolony teatr. Kresy wschodnie" (2007), "Kolba, na szczęście!" (2010). In 2007, he debuted as a director and feature film producer with the Polish-German comedy "Fur".

Andrzej Wojciechowski, Krzysztof Gromek, Tomasz Drozdowicz, Kamil Hasiuk
Maria Nockowska
Jacek Plichta, Piotr Nartowski, Rafał Wyżykowski, Michał Potocki
Tomasz Drozdowicz
Beata Hyczko, Tomasz Drozdowicz (Studio Filmowe Autograf)