Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

USA, Japan | 2017 | documentary | 102 min. Sound of music

He is known as a composer of the scores for Bertolucci’s films who has recently made music for "The Revenant". This time, Sakamoto presents himself as a musical experimenter, an activist fighting against the destruction of the natural environment as well as a man struggling with a serious disease. He is looking for new sounds in nature, from the North Pole, through the contaminated region of Fukushima, to Africa, the cradle of humankind. The story about the roots of music turns into a cinematic meditation and tells us about man’s struggles with limitations.

directed by

Stephen Nomura Schible

Director and producer. He was born in 1970. He was raised in Tokyo but studied at New York University. As a producer, he has collaborated with the most important contemporary film directors working in Japan, including Sofia Coppola, Naomi Kawase and Shinjim Aoyama. "Ryūichi Sakamoto: Coda" is his directorial debut.

Neo Sora, Tom Richmond
Stephen Nomura Schible
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Tom Paul
Tom Paul
Hisayo Kushida
Eric Nyari (Cineric), Stephen Nomura Schible (Borderland Media), Yoshiko Hashimoto (Documentary Japan Inc.)