The Disciples - a Street Opera

The Netherlands | 2018 | documentary | 90 min. DocFilmMusic competition

Twenty homeless people who are regular singers at “De Straatklinkers”, a choir in Amsterdam, are staging an opera. Inspired by the 1950 film “Los Olvidados” by Luis Buñuel, director Ramón Gieling created a libretto especially for them and composer Boudewijn Tarenskeen wrote music to it. The preparations are progressing with difficulty at times, but new quality is being developed at the contact point between life and art. Personal stories of singers enter into dialogue with their stage personas and the result is a peculiar process of autotherapy, painful and purifying at the same time.

directed by

Ramón Gieling

A renown Dutch filmmaker whose career can be seen as versatile and passionate. His motion pictures, film essays, short films and documentaries are without exception recognizable to his signature. For him it’s not about the logic. He tries to grab the elusive and mythical into cinematic interpretations. In addition to "The Disciples" (2018), "Erbarme Dich - Matthäus Passion Stories" (2015) and "About Canto" (2011), the cooperation between DOXY and director Ramón Gieling resulted in many other films. Gieling is also known for "En Un Momento Dado - Johan Cruijff, Duende and Tramontana".

Goert Giltay, Sam du Pon
Ramón Gieling
Boudewijn Tarenskeen
Diego Gutiérrez, Ramón Gieling
Janneke Doolaard (DOXY)