A Bright Light - Karen and the Process

Switzerland | 2018 | documentary | 94 min. DocFilmMusic competition

With her talent and timbre, she could have gained the fame of Janis Joplin. Her biography, forgotten today, is a story of lost opportunities, tragic circumstances and her own negligence. Utilising the convention of the road cinema, the director follows the life of Karen Dalton, a folk and blues vocalist and a poet with Indian roots. She takes the viewers on a melancholy travel in time and a journey to provincial America, where the protagonist found retreat from the hustle and bustle of show business. She asks questions about the price that a woman and an artist looking for true fulfilment must pay in her life.

directed by

Emmanuelle Antille

Born in 1972 in Lausanne, Emmanuelle Antille studied at the ESAV in Geneva and at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Since 1995, she has developed her artistic practice as a video artist and film director. Emmanuelle Antille has received numerous awards and recognitions: three Swiss Art Awards, the Kiefer-Hablitzel Prize, the Review film contest Migros Culture, Residencies in Berlin and in Paris, the Prix Découverte at the Festival de Namur, among others. "A Bright Light - Karen and the Process" is her first feature-length documentary.

Carmen Jaquier
Karen Dalton, Billy Mitchel, Harry Tuft, Dick Weissman, Jean-Marc Butty, Ben Schenck, Colin Gagon, Diane Cluck, Lower Dens, Cheyenne , Phillipe Henchoz, Robot Kimbap, Djely Mamou Couyate, Delia Meshlir, Jimmy Duck Holmes, Larkin Grimm, Christian Pahud, Richard Tucker
Malika Pellicioli
Laurence Vaes, Emmanuelle Antille, Emilie Morier
Emmanuelle Antille (Rubis Films), Luc Peter (Intermezzo Films)