But Now Is Perfect

The Netherlands | 2018 | documentary | 55 min. Documentary competition

The Calabrian town of Riace is becoming more and more depopulated. The local mayor found a solution and allowed refugees to settle there. This model integration project breathed new life into the town and enabled its old and new residents to forge friendly relations. Over time, the ones who failed were institutions, not people. The decision to withdraw funding from the project brought the destruction of the newly created community. One of the victims of this change was Becky Moses, a young woman from Nigeria. Her transfer to the camp for illegal immigrants had a tragic end.

directed by

Carin Goeijers

An independent film director and scriptwriter. She is an author of "God is my DJ" (2006) - awarded at the Warsaw Film Festival, "Soccer Millionaire from the East" (2015), "Bahar" (2013) or "The New-Fangled World" which won the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival. Her films are visually strong, the cinematic form is important in her inventive way of storytelling. She engages in stories with a social urgency and stays close to the human experience.

Carin Goeijers, Gregor Meerman
Jeroen Goeijers
Barbara Hin
Pieter van Huystee (Pieter van Huystee Film & TV)