Mussolini's Sister

Israel | 2018 | documentary | 71 min. Documentary competition

She has lived a long life and her eventful biography might be shared by at least a few Arab women. Although locked in the walls of her home, she is still trying to control the world using the telephone, the television, monitoring, the binoculars and consecutive servants. Her control also extends to her 55-year old son as the senior lady from Nazareth, who reminisces about her colourful past, has not said the last word yet. In the lens of her own granddaughter, combining documentary observation with fictional performance, she presents her righteous views about everything.

directed by

Juna Sulieman

Director, film editor and actress. She was born in 1981 in Nazareth, Israel. She studied at the Film and Television Department of the University of Tel Aviv. She was responsible for casting such films as "The Time That Remains" by Elia Suleiman (2005) or "Omar" by Hani Abu Assad (2013).

Juna Sulieman
Alex Bakri, Juna Sulieman
Alex Bakri, Juna Sulieman
Laura Samara (Majdal Films)