Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb

USA | 2018 | documentary | 94 min. DocFilmMusic competition

How did it happen that the leader of a hard rock band, Aerosmith, ended up on the stage in Nashville? In 2016, almost 70-year old Steven Tyler started his solo career by recording his hit country music album – “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere”. The filmmakers accompany him during a concert in the capital of the genre. His brilliant performance with a new band, behind-the-stage materials and Tyler’s story about the way he has travelled through create the picture of a free and restless spirit that has found a new place for himself.

directed by

Casey Tebo

Emmy Award-winning writer and director. He worked his way through the music video ranks until he broke into narrative filmmaking with his jaw-dropping sci-fi short film "The Captivus 2.0”. He has gone on to direct "Happy Birthday" (Sean McKittrick QC 2016). In 2018 along with legendary director Chris Columbus, Tebo set up his first narrative TV Show “Welcome To Hitchcock” at Universal Cable Productions. In 2018 Tebo wrote two screenplays “Mad Bastard”, (with Christopher Bell) currently out for cast offers via Millenium Entertainment (Expendables, Hitmans’ Bodyguard)

Tom Zaleski
Casey Tebo
Todd Thompson, Steven Tyler, Rebecca Warfield