Los Reyes

Chile | 2018 | documentary | 78 min. Film festivals award winners

Skatepark is a paradise for young people, but no one has expected that it could also become home for two four-legged creatures. Chola and Football are two adorable dogs that have become inseparable components of the park and companions for teenage skateboarding fans. They are fed by the youngsters, play ball with them, observe their tricks and stunts and, above all, become incidental witnesses of the conversations between young people with anonymous faces who are no strangers to drugs, arguments with parents or threats of being thrown out of home. It seems that a dog’s life does not pertain to dogs only but to the rebellious youth looking for their own way, too. IDFA 2018 Special Jury Award for Feature-Length Documentary.

directed by

Bettina Perut

Iván Osnovikoff

Pablo Valdés
Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
Maite Alberdi (Perut + Osnovikoff)