Power of Yoik

Finland, United Kingdom, Norway | 2018 | documentary | 59 min. Focus on Finland

Yoik is a traditional singing style of the Sámi people, the indigenous community living in Lapland. For many years, yoik was an important element of their identity which helped them survive the most difficult times. Can it help the family of reindeer breeders now? Inga Gaup-Juuso lives with her family in a small village in the north of Finland. Increasing numbers of tourists are coming to their area on snowmobiles from neighbouring Norway, which disturbs the life of reindeer and destroys the rugged landscape. To bring the problem to everyone’s attention, Inga uses yoik, a method employed earlier by her great grandfather, the founder of the village.

directed by

Paul Simma Festival guest

He has over 30 years of experience in film and television communications, with numerous awards for superior work. Director, producer, manager and project leader, recognized for work in the production of films and television-series. He speaks fluently in several languages (English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Sami), extensive international travel. His long professional history includes high quality producing work.

Arvo Vilu
Paul Simma
Esa Kotilainen
Acke Eklund
Paul Simma (Saamifilmi)
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Power of Yoik