The Hypnotist

Finland | 2019 | documentary | 72 min. Focus on Finland

Hypnotist Olavi Hakasalo, known under the alias of Olliver Hawk, was a great star and the pioneer of hypnosis in Finland in the 1960s, also famous abroad. His performances attracted crowds of people who wanted to undergo hypnosis. Hawk had studied in Australia and developed what he had learnt there in his famous shows when he hypnotised volunteers who unconsciously followed his instructions. Confident of the healing power of his method, Hawk undauntedly continued to use it as an alternative form of treatment, which eventually ended with a court suit.

directed by

Arthur Franck Festival guest

A documentary filmmaker from Helsinki, born in 1980. He has been making documentary films since 2005. In 2009 he graduated from Arcada – University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts. "The Hypnotist" is his first feature documentary.

Mikko Kelloniemi
Arthur Franck
animated by
Andy Sundström
Toni Teivaala
Markus Leppälä
Oskar Forstén (franckforstén)
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The Hypnotist