Fuck Off II – Images from Finland

Finland | 2017 | documentary | 93 min. Focus on Finland

In 1971, Jörn Donner directed “Fuck Off – Images from Finland”, a film in which he asked Fins about how they liked living in their own country. Almost 50 years later, Donner travels around Finland once again to ask fundamental questions to the country’s residents and find out how the country has changed over this period. To find answers, he visits the representatives of all social strata ranging from the youngest to the oldest and from the poor to the rich. The director himself, who is 86 at present, becomes the film’s protagonist and uses his experience of a disease to diagnose the country considered one of the best places to live in the world.

directed by

Jörn Donner Festival guest

Born in 1933. He has had a distinguished career as a film director, film producer, writer, and politician. His works have influenced Finnish society for almost half a century, and still, he keeps on working as one of the most controversial characters in the Finnish cultural sector. Donner's film "A Sunday in September" (1963) received the Prize for best directorial debut at the Venice Film Festival, and after that, he has directed several fictional films and documentaries. His most famous films include "Portraits of Women" (1970) and the original "Fuck Off! Images from Finland" (1971).

Rafael Donner, J-P Passi
Jörn Donner
M.a. Numminen, Pedro Hietanen
Klaus Grabber
Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari (Bufo)
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Fuck Off II – Images from Finland