The Last Swing

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 67 min. Panorama of the Polish documentaries

Witold Sobociński, who died last year, was a unsurpassed master of cinematography, a genius of light and a co-author of many works by Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Jerzy Has or Roman Polański. Rather than a typical biography, the film is the protagonist’s portrait made, to a large extent, using film material only. Recollections from film sets are intertwined with the artist’s comments recorded not long before his death. While working with young people or surrounded by family members, he shares the secrets of his filmmaking technique with them.

directed by

Tomasz Garncarek Festival guest

Shuxuan Mei
Tomasz Garncarek
animated by
Nastia Kaja
Jan Nowicki Festival guest, Daniel Olbrychski, Krystyna Janda, Jerzy Stuhr, Marek Kondrat
Witold Sobociński
Tomasz Garncarek, Anna Dobrowodzka
Tomasz Garncarek (Gangstarek Films)
Film screenings:
Tuesday, May 28 20:00 | MOS 2 + meeting with creators:
director Tomasz Garncarek
actor Jan Nowicki
The Last Swing