Life Is But a Dream

Italy | 2018 | documentary | 72 min. Film festivals award winners

As a young man, Gedalia decided to leave his American life and move to Israel. First, he lived in Jerusalem and then, with his wife, he went in search for his own piece of land. Together with his growing family, he settled down in a small village in Palestinian territories. In his everyday life, he does not care much for the political situation as he needs to focus on his work at home and raising children in accordance with the Orthodox faith principles. A crisis arises when there is a sudden power cut. At this moment, hidden fears, prejudice and the uncertain situation of their family living illegally on Palestinian land come to the surface. Audience Award of the Festival dei Popoli 2018.

directed by

Margherita Pescetti Festival guest

Pietro Masturzo
Margherita Pescetti, Pietro Masturzo
Tommaso Barbaro
Arianna Cocchi
Margherita Pescetti, Pietro Masturzo
Film screenings:
Wednesday, May 29 15:00 | MOS 2 + meeting with creators:
director Margherita Pescetti
Life Is But a Dream