The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend

Canada | 1974 | animated | 8 min. Caroline Leaf Retrospective

The life of the owl that fell in love with a goose is not easy. The birds are joined by true love but divided by much more as they have different lifestyles, diet and live in different environments. Despite anatomical differences, the owl wants to accompany her partner at all costs – even in the middle of a lake. Based on an Innuit legend, the film is a charming and amusing reminder of the fact that nature cannot be deceived. This sand animation received a BAFTA nomination.

directed by

Caroline Leaf Festival guest

animated by
Caroline Leaf
Jeela Alilkatuktuk, Paul Angiyou, Martha Kauki, Samonee
Pierre Lemelin
Pierre Moretti (National Film Board Of Canada)