Two Sisters

Canada | 1991 | animated | 11 min. Caroline Leaf Retrospective

Viola is an author who writes in the quiet of her home and her sister Marie protects her against other people and sunlight. Their peaceful and monotonous life is demolished by the sudden appearance of an intruder who is a fan of the author’s talent. It turns out that Viola’s flat is at the same time her prison and Marie holds a key to it. Will Viola be able to break free from her sister? Does she want it at all? After all, Marie says that a school of sharks is swimming around their house... Awarded at Annecy, this animation is a terrifying story about toxic family bonds, otherness and manipulation.

directed by

Caroline Leaf Festival guest

Caroline Leaf
animated by
Caroline Leaf
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Shelley Craig, Louis Hone
Camille Laperrière
(National Film Board Of Canada)