Finland | 2018 | documentary | 28 min. Student Films Etudes. Finland

When Finland and the USSR signed a peace agreement in 1944, not everyone found it a reason to celebrate. As many as 420 thousand Karelians had to leave their homes and move into the land within the Finnish borders. Not until the collapse of the communist behemoth could they make a symbolic return to their homeland. The documentary captures the encounter of the present with the past. The point of reference for archival photos and recordings is a trip made by contemporary Karelians to the land of their ancestors.

directed by

Elina Hyvärinen

Jarmo Kiuru, Elina Hyvärinen
Elina Hyvärinen
Vili Laitinen, Panu Aaltio
Katja Pällijeff, Elina Hyvärinen
Aleksi Hyvärinen (Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture/ ELO Film School Finland)