Canada | 2018 | animated | 8 min. Short film competition

An unexpected return of her husband, who is a pilot, makes the protagonist happy. Her happiness quickly disappears when it turns out that the man's face has transformed into an airplane turbine. The woman has to compete for her husband's affection with... a fan. A funny, absurd and moving animation about long-term relationships, searching for new experiences and sacrifice for love. Surreal retro drawings show a concept of the world in which people are closer to machines.

directed by

Alex Boya Festival guest

Bulgarian-born, Montreal-based animator who studied animation at Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Inspired by medical illustrations and the copper plate “eau forte” technique, his first short with the NFB "Focus", a synaptic journey through attention deficit disorder, earned him an Honorable Mention for Best Canadian Animation at the 2015 Ottawa International Animation Festival. "Turbine" is his second film with the NFB.

Alex Boya
animated by
Alex Boya
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Jelena Popovic (National Film Board Of Canada)
Film screenings:
Monday, May 27 17:30 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
director Alex Boya