Imbued Life

Croatia | 2019 | animated | 12 min. Short film competition

The protagonist practices taxidermy. She treats her specimens with respect and tenderness and then takes stuffed animals back to the forest. Beforehand she removes films from their heads; developed photos allow her to see the world through the animals' eyes. Finally, she wants to become part of the nature herself... A puppet animation permeated with an eerie atmosphere of dark tales and horrors telling a story from the space between sleep and reality.

directed by

Ivana Bosnjak Festival guest

Born in 1983. She graduated from the Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Animation at the University in Volda, Norway. Since 2010 has been working on a number of stop motion projects as a model maker, animator, and film director. Filmography: Imbued Life (2019), Simulacra (2014), Crossed Sild (2010, graduation film co-directed with Lea Vidakovic).

Thomas Johnson Festival guest

Born in 1984. He graduated Time Based Media from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and from New Media Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Aside from making animated films, Thomas creates stop motion performance artworks which have featured at numerous festivals.

Ivan Slipcevic
Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson
animated by
Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson
Rakan Rushaidat
Andrea Martignoni
Andrea Martignoni
Iva Kraljevic
Vanja Andrijevic (Bonobostudio)
Film screenings:
Thursday, May 30 20:00 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
director Ivana Bosnjak
director Thomas Johnson
Imbued Life