Mum's the Word

Spain, France | 2018 | animated | 13 min. Short film competition

A dark story about growing up without a mother, in the shadow of father's illegal dealings. The boy's father transports cigarettes, but one day it turns out there are other goods on board of his ship, too. The animation shows a male world full of smuggled tobacco as well as violence and brutality. What will a little boy do when he witnesses a horrendous crime? A gripping drama of obedience, family secrets and an unwritten agreement that tells you to protect your loved ones without a word.

directed by

Khris Cembe

Born in 1983. He started his animator’s career with the web series "Cálico Electrónico". He was responsible for the visual development and color study of the short film "Birdboy", winner of Spain’s Goya Award in 2012. He was the animation director of the feature film "Psiconautas" and the short film "Decorado", both of them won awards around the world, including the Goya Award. "Viaje a pies" (2015) was his debut as a director and scriptwriter. He’s working on the new feature film by Alberto Vázquez, "Unicorn Wars".

Khris Cembe
animated by
Khris Cembe
Víctor García
Khris Cembe
Nicolas Schmerkin, Iván Miñambres (Autour de Minuit), (Uniko)