Under the Rib Cage

France, Belgium | 2018 | animated | 13 min. Short film competition

“I've been spitting blood, is it cancer?” – when you are diagnosed by an Internet browser, then it is difficult to trust a doctor saying it is just stress. Obsessive thinking about diseases paralyses the protagonist, he sees bacteria everywhere and materialized fear of death has practically moved into his house. Hypochondria, neurosis and other mental health issues are shown with slight detachment and humour. A journey into the human body during which fluorescent internal organs pulsate in slow motion to electronic sounds.

directed by

Bruno Tondeur

After studying illustration in Saint-Luc and completing his Master degree in Animation in La Cambre (Belgium), Bruno Tondeur is now a freelance 2D animator and illustrator. He directed several short animation films. His most famous one, "Deep Space" (2014) was selected at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF and won SACD Prize for Best French Speaking Animation.

Bruno Tondeur
animated by
Bruno Tondeur, Sarah Brûlé, Julien Regnard
Pierre Slinckx
Bruno Tondeur
Gregory Zalcman, Alon Knoll, Isaac Gaido-daniel (Take Five), Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit), Thibaut Ruby (SCHMUBY)