Slug Life

United Kingdom | 2018 | animated | 7 min. Short film competition

An old-school, funky and camp animation about being different and striving for perfection. Tanya, obsessed with the idea of total perfection wants to create an ideal lover. As a result of genetic experiments and computer modifications, she creates a gigantic, metallic slug. Will it meet her expectations? A psychedelic trip in the techno and disco rhythm to the world of weirdos in which anything can happen. If you have been wondering what the famous “end of the Internet” looks like, you have just reached it.

directed by

Sophie Koko Gate

She studied animation at the Royal College of Art in London, where she graduated with her film "Half Wet" (2014). It was screened in festivals worldwide including SXSW, BFI, AFI and the Tate Modern. She has made short films for Adult Swim, MTV, Harvard University and most recently the BBC and BFI with her new film ‘Slug Life’. She directs animations from her studio in London and is also represented as a Director by Blink Ink.

Sophie Koko Gate
animated by
Sophie Koko Gate, Anne lou Erambert, Sacha Beeley
Jonny Wildey, Skillbard
Sophie Koko Gate
Sophie Koko Gate (Sophie Koko Gate)