The Fourth Kingdom

Spain, USA, Mexico | 2019 | documentary | 83 min. Documentary competition

Several outcasts whose American dream has never materialised itself live their lives among tons of used plastic in the suburbs of New York. The group includes both illegal immigrants and socially excluded Americans. While sorting waste, they reflect upon the nature of the universe, dwell on their own weaknesses and failures, nurse homeless kittens and continue to dream. The film is a close-up on the life of this unique little community. In the rubbish dump of the contemporary civilization, the protagonists are trying to find the sense of belonging to a group.

directed by

Àlex Lora Cercós Festival guest

Spanish film director born in 1979. He studied Film Directing in Spain and Italy and, as a Fulbright scholar, in New York. He has worked in many countries as a script doctor, editor, cinematographer, screenwriter and film director. His films have been screened all over the world at over 350 festivals and won about 100 awards. He is a laureate of the Golden Dragon Award for his film Odysseus’ Gambit (2011), winner of two NY-Emmys, finalist of the Oscars-Student Academy Awards, winner of a Gaudí and Goya Nominee. His works have received more than 100 awards.

Adán Aliaga Festival guest

Director, scriptwriter and producer. He has directed eight feature films receiving numerous awards such as Joris Ivens at IDFA, Best Documentary Nomination by the European Academy of Cinema, Pilar Miró Award for Best Opera Prima SEMINCI, Goya Awards Nominee and a NY-Emmy, among others. His filmography includes: "Fishbone" (2018), "The Fourth Kingdom" (Documentary, 2017), "The Pinch" (short documentary, 2017), "The Walker" (short, 2015), "Noah’s Ark" (2014), "Kanimambo" (2013), "The Eternauta’s Wife" (Documentary, 2012), "Dodge and Hit" (Documentary, 2011), "Stigmata" (2009), "My Grandmother’s House" (Documentary, 2006).

Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora Cercós
Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora Cercós
Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora Cercós, Sergi Dies
Isa Feliu, Miguel Molina (Jaibo Films)
Film screenings:
Friday, May 31 13:30 | Kino Pod Baranami Red Room + meeting with creators:
director Àlex Lora Cercós
director Adán Aliaga
The Fourth Kingdom