This Is Love

USA | 2018 | documentary | 83 min. DocFilmMusic competition

He has never received a separate entry in Wikipedia although his art left a distinct mark on the history of R&B, soul or rock’n’roll in the 1970s. Please, meet an Afro-American vocalist called Rudy Love whose biography is a story about a rare talent, very unlucky career, racial bias and great scams in music industry. Using archival materials and the footage of the recognised artists of that era the film rediscovers the forgotten singer whose pieces have lived their own lives in various corners of the world.

directed by

John Alexander Festival guest

Film director, scriptwriter and editor. In 2011 he graduated from Harvard, where he won the McCord Arts Prize. Before, he interned with Sam Raimi on "Drag Me to Hell" (Cannes 2009). He edited "One Way to Drown", executive produced by Brett Ratner, "Running Wild", starring Alden Ehrenreich, and "Shut Up and Drive" (Tribeca 2015). His directorial feature debut, "Bender", a cult thriller about America’s first serial killing family, won a Golden Strands award for Outstanding Cast. "This Is Love" is his debut documentary.

Shane Ricketts
Shawn Rhodes
Mick Fleetwood, Sinbad , George Clinton, Marsai Martin, Rudy Love & The Love Family
Rudy Love & The Love Family
John Alexander
Mick Fleetwood, JC Guest, Robert S. Love, Ann Garvey, Emily Bonavia, Susan Houston, Shawn Rhodes (Crook & Nanny Productions)
Film screenings:
Tuesday, May 28 14:30 | MOS 1 + meeting with creators:
director John Alexander
This Is Love