Happy Ending

United Kingdom | 2018 | animated | 5 min. Short film competition

Can a prostitute change her skin into a shell which enables her to feel nothing? Or perhaps her pleasure is not only a game? Can she hope, after many ‘happy endings’ she gave to other people, for her own happy ending? An original journal of an anonymous Korean prostitute revealing her feelings and emotions and touching upon the problem of her social status. The subtly painted silhouette of the protagonist's body is contrasted with distinctive contours of male figures. Smoothly changing images show erotic scenes in an ambiguous and understated manner. The animation presents some scenes quite literally, yet leaves a lot to the viewer's imagination.

directed by

Eunju Ara Choi

Korean director of documentary animated films, based in Berlin. Her works are seeking to explore mental journey which illustrates unconscious desire and violence. Her visual style is surrealism to blur the boundary between reality and illusion. 
She is an author of "Narcolepsy", "In the Between".

animated by
Eunju Ara Choi, Ansso An
Rachael Philip
Eunju Ara Choi