The Silver Branch

Ireland | 2018 | documentary | 75 min. Docs+Science

A captivating film haiku about the search for harmony between man and nature where Patrick McCormack serves as a guide. This Irish poet and farmer stands up in defence of a wildlife enclave, the rocky Burren Plateau, where the natural is linked with the mystical. Where does ancestral heritage protection end and eco-utopia begin? Does poetry need to give way to economics? Still, “The Silver Branch” is not an intervention documentary but one about nature which celebrates the fleetness of life.

directed by

Katrina Costello Festival guest

Katrina Costello
Katrina Costello
Ken O Sullivan (Sea Fever productions)
Film screenings:
Monday, May 27 17:00 | Paradox + meeting with creators:
director Katrina Costello
The Silver Branch