Cerro Quemado

Argentina | 2019 | documentary | 63 min. Documentary competition

One day, Micaela and her mother decide to visit the grandmother who lives in a remote village in the mountains, where she is the last resident. For three generations of Inca women, it will be an opportunity to meet again after many years. The camera contemplates their noble faces and a majestic landscape while their journey together through the mountains becomes a quest for their own identity. This atmospheric film about a return to the family roots also commemorates the dying culture and painful events from the history of the indigenous peoples of Argentina.

directed by

Juan Pablo Ruiz Festival guest

Director, scriptwriter and editor. He studied directing at the CIEVYC Cinematic Research Center. He is an author of several short films, which were shown at international film festivals. The document "Cerro Quemado" is his feature-length debut.

Gustavo Schiaffino
Juan Pablo Ruiz
Micaela Chauque, Cornelia Yurquina, Felipa Zerpa
Micaela Chauque
Omar Mustafá
Juan Pablo Ruiz, Alejandro Nantón
Omar Mustafá, Gustavo Schiaffino (Insomnia Films), Alejandro Nantón, Guillermo Pineles, Laura Mara Tablón (Rita Cine)
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Cerro Quemado