Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

USA, United Kingdom, France | 2019 | documentary | 113 min. DocFilmMusic competition

Very few jazz musicians have achieved the status of an immortal international star, but the creator of “Kind of Blue” was undeniably one of them. The films collects the known and unknown facts about the life of Miles Davis, who went down in history not only as an extraordinary trumpeter, creator of cool jazz and a tireless experimenter, but also a film score composer. The narration, partially in the first person and partially delivered by the eminent representatives of the musical world, presents the essential moments in his biography, his personal weaknesses and the courage to live one’s own life on one’s own terms.

directed by

Stanley Nelson

The foremost chronicler of the African American experience working in nonfiction film today. His feature-length films, many of which have aired on PBS, combine compelling narratives with rich and deeply researched historical detail, shining new light on both familiar and under-explored aspects of the American past. Nelson, a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, was awarded an individual Peabody Award for his body of work in May of 2016. He has received numerous honors over the course of his career.

Maed Hunt, Henry Adebonojo, Jerry Henry, Antonio Rossi, Hervé Cohen, Eric Coleman, Clare Major, Marc Gerke
Lewis Erskine, Natasha Livia Mottola, Yusuf Kapadia
Nicole London, Peter Worsley (Firelight Media)